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Mark offers:

  • Counselling for parents with children with substance misuse issues or special needs.
  • Critical incident debriefing.
  • Training events for professionals (e.g. Harm Reduction, How to Provide Drug Education / Prevention in Schools, A Public Health Approach to Illegal Drugs, Understanding Dependency, Drugs and the Body)
  • Public Education on dependency and illegal drugs
  • Drug policy consultations
  • Brief Bio

  • Provides counselling to parents and individuals dealing with problematic substance use or special needs.
  • Provides critical incident debriefing for individuals and groups who have experiences a traumatic events (e.g. violence, death)
  • Worked for 28 years in the addictions field in counselling, supervisory and management positions.
  • Is an Adjunct Professor of the UBC School of Population and Public Health.
  • Teaches at the UBC School of Social Work, Nursing, Medicine and Public Health.
  • Has published on the issue of drugs and drug policy in the:
  • Canadian Journal of Public Health
    International Journal of Drug Policy
    Harm Reduction Journal
    International Encyclopedia of Public Health
  • Is involved with the British Columbia Health Officers Council drug policy committee.
  • Provides public information on drugs and drug policy.
  • Is a parent with two children and an active member of the Vancouver outdoor recreation community.
  • Critical Incident Debriefing

    Mark Haden facilitates individual and group critical incident debriefing for those who have experienced trauma, violence or death.
    The principles of this process are:

  • Safety
  • Individuals can participate at the level of their comfort
  • The focus is exploring memories, acknowledging appreciations and moving on

  • Counselling

    Mark Haden provides counselling to:
    • parents who are dealing this problematic substance use in their families
    • parents who have children with special needs
    • individuals with problematic substance use issues
    The principles of this process are:
    • safety and confidentiality
    • responsibility for self
    • harm reduction or abstinence as required
    • healing from trauma
    • building intimate and healthy relationships

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