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BOOK RELEASE: Manual for Psychedelic Guides

Mark offers:

  • Counselling for parents with children with substance misuse issues or special needs.
  • Critical incident debriefing.
  • Training events for professionals (e.g. Harm Reduction, How to Provide Drug Education / Prevention in Schools, A Public Health Approach to Illegal Drugs, Understanding Dependency, Drugs and the Body)
  • Public Education on dependency and illegal drugs
  • Drug policy consultations
  • Brief Bio

  • Provides counselling to parents and individuals dealing with problematic substance use or special needs.
  • Provides critical incident debriefing for individuals and groups who have experiences a traumatic events (e.g. violence, death)
  • Worked for 28 years in the addictions field in counselling, supervisory and management positions.
  • Is an Adjunct Professor of the UBC School of Population and Public Health.
  • Teaches at the UBC School of Social Work, Nursing, Medicine and Public Health.
  • Has published on the issue of drugs and drug policy in the:
  • Canadian Journal of Public Health
    International Journal of Drug Policy
    Harm Reduction Journal
    International Encyclopedia of Public Health
  • Is involved with the British Columbia Health Officers Council drug policy committee.
  • Provides public information on drugs and drug policy.
  • Is a parent with two children and an active member of the Vancouver outdoor recreation community.
  • TV / Video Streams

    TEDxEastVan - Psychedelics: Past, present and future
    Vancouver Real - Psychedelics: Past, Present, & Future - Mark Haden, December, 2015

    Global BC News - Mark Haden on using ecstasy to treat PTSD, July 13, 2015

    Vancouver Real - A Conversation With Mark Haden

    Radio Interviews

    Nov 11, 2015 - CKNW podcast – Mark Haden discussing veteran suicide and MDMA PTSD treatent
    Nov 3, 2015 - B.C. Almanac from CBC Radio British Columbia by CBC on iTunes
    June 8, 2015 - CBC The Current - Scientists push to renew psychedelic drug research for psychiatry - with David Nutt and Erika Dyck
    August 15, 2014 - CBC Radio - Is there decriminalization momentum?
    July 10, 2014 - The Bill Good Show - Blueprint For Going Legal In BC

    Critical Incident Debriefing

    Mark Haden facilitates individual and group critical incident debriefing for those who have experienced trauma, violence or death.
    The principles of this process are:

  • Safety
  • Individuals can participate at the level of their comfort
  • The focus is exploring memories, acknowledging appreciations and moving on

  • Counselling

    Mark Haden provides counselling to:
    • parents who are dealing this problematic substance use in their families
    • parents who have children with special needs
    • individuals with problematic substance use issues
    The principles of this process are:
    • safety and confidentiality
    • responsibility for self
    • harm reduction or abstinence as required
    • healing from trauma
    • building intimate and healthy relationships

    Tools for a regulated market

    Haden - Drug Control Systems Spreadsheet

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